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Suboxone Medication Assisted Treatment

for Opioid Dependence

Now accepting Blue Cross Blue Shield (including Blue Value), NC Medicaid & United Health Care

Insurance can be filed for assessment and doctor visits.  Copays and deductibles are the responsibility of the patient. 

Insurance not filed for groups with the exception of NC Medicaid.  Unless you are using NC Medicaid health insurance, the cost of the group will be your responsbility.  Each weekly group costs $30.

Treatment Program Information:

First and foremost, please understand that this program is for treatment of opioid addiction.  If you are simply looking for a prescription for suboxone or if you need pain management, this program will not work for you.  Also, SUBUTEX IS NOT PRESRIBED FOR ANY REASON.  If you want to be prescribed Subutex, this is not the right program for you.  We do administer Sublocade and Vivitrol injections.  You can discuss those medications more in depth with the medical staff once you are admitted into treatment.  

Treatment Program Admissions:

To be admitted into the Outpatient Suboxone Medication Assisted Treatment Program at Carolina Beach Counseling, you will need to complete the following process:

1) Complete and sign all paperwork in the intake packet for the program and return it by email to [email protected] or fax 910-458-4824 or mail to 1328 Lake Park Blvd. N, Suite 109, Carolina Beach, NC 28428 prior to being scheduled for your first appointment.  Packets can also be dropped off with the receptionist on M, W, F from 10 am to 2 pm.

2) Schedule assessment/intake appointment with licensed counselor after completing intake packet noted in step 1.

3) Schedule intake appointment with medical staff for your first prescription.  

4) Begin group treatment as instructed at intake.

Please note: You will be required to see the doctor once a week for the first month of treatment.  After that time, if you are compliant with treatment (including attending all required groups), you can change to once a month doctor visits.

Program Costs with no insurance:

Month 1 - $600 plus medication*. 

Ongoing Treatment - $300 plus medication*. 

*The cost of medication is not part of suboxone treatment. No medication is dispensed on premise. Prescriptions may be filled at your local pharmacy.

Payment for treatment:

  • Payments for Outpatient Suboxone Medication Assisted Treatment doctor visits, assessments, copays and group treatment are expected at the time of treatment. Payments can be made by credit card or cash. Most major credit cards and health savings cards are accepted. Checks are not accepted.

Questions? Please call 910-458-4544 for more information about Outpatient Suboxone Medication Assisted Treatment.